woensdag 14 december 2011

Using Lync Mobile with Office 365 @domain.onmicrosoft.com domain

When your company signs up for Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises, you’re given an initial domain name that looks like the following: domain.onmicrosoft.com.
Some company's use this domain for services like Lync Online.

If you are using the onmicrosoft domain, there is no way to manage DNS records as they are managed by Microsoft.
And as you know, to get Lync Mobile to work you need to add some DNS records.
( And probably they haven't been updated yet as Lync Mobile does not work )
See previous blogpost : http://blog.msgeneral.nl/2011/12/lync-mobile-and-office-365-how-to-get.html

The thing that does not work is autodiscover, but you can manually enter the discovery URL in your Lync Mobile client.

  • Start the Lync mobile client
  • Enter your username as: <name>@<domain>.onmicrosoft.com
  • Enter your password

Thanks to Ben Lee for the explanation ( source ) :

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