dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Lync Online privacy and mobility features within Office 365

A while ago we noticed some changes in the Lync Online control panel.
Below the screenshot of the extra two options.
Haven't seen any official article's on this.

You can see that there are two settings added :
Presence privacy mode and Mobile phone notifications.

By default, presence privacy mode is set to "Automatically display presence information" and Mobile Phone notifications is set to "On".

If your company allows federation, this means that everyone can see presence information of your users. This may be an issue for your company so keep in mind that these settings ar default.

Privacy Mode:
As mentioned above, the privacy settings are set to automatically display presence information.
The portal allow you to easally change these settings by going to Presence and notifications in the upper right corner.

Click on edit on the privacy mode to change the settings.

You can set this to "Display presence information only to a user's contacts".
This is set at the organization level, but users can still controll this from their client.

Mobile phone notifications:
If you use Lync mobile you can configure the notification service for Apple of Windows devices.
In some cases you don't want push notifications for Lync on your mobile devices, therefore you can turn this of for Apple or Windows devices. For example, maybe you only want Windows Mobile users to use Push notifications.
Not sure why Android is not in there, but maybe that wil also be there in the future.

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