donderdag 8 maart 2012

Direct Access Connectivity Assistant in Windows 8

When browsing through Windows 8 I noticed the Direct Access connectivity assistant was built in there.
So no need to install the tool after deploying Direct Access in your organization, in Windows 8 it is ready to use out of the box.

The tool can be found under networks, when you click the network icon in the right bottom corner.

The "Corporate Connection" is the new DCA tool. When working from home the Corporate Connection also shows it's state ( Connected or Disconnected ).

When opening the properties, the known options pop up. These are actually the same as the assistant for Windows 7 except for the "help portal" option, this is missing from this version.

Functionality is also the same. The collect logs button collects the needed information for an administrator to troubleshoot your Direct Access connection.
You can view the logs yourself by clicking the view logs link, or e-mail the logs to an administrator by clicking the e-mail logs link.

No big news, but a nice new feature of Windows 8.

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