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Lync collect logs button explained

I know this option has been around for a while, but it cannot be explained enough in my opinion.

By enabling the collect logs button in Lync, you can easily get diagnostic information regarding issues on the client side.
This button can only be enabled by an administrator.

So why do you want to enable the button?
If a user tries to call someone, and the callee does not hear the caller, or the line goes dead, the user normally gets frustrated and just tries to call again.
But, if the collect logs button is enabled the user can instantly collect logs for this issue and send those logs to an administrator. The user can even specify what went wrong, provide screens and even an audio recording!

How does it look like, and what can it do?
Once it is enabled, the button shows up in the bottom right corner of the Lync client.

It also shows up in every IM or call window in the left bottom corner.

Once clicked, the tool opens up that allows a user to describe the issue.

Below you will find some detail information on what the tool does an what kind of information the user can provide.
There is a dropdown where a user can choose any of the following common issues.
  • The call did not connect
  • The call ended unexpectedly (dropped)
  • I observed audio or video quality issues during the call
  • Others observed issues in my audio or video quality during the call
  • I see an audio quality issue notification but didn't experience any issues
  • Other – please explain
Depending on which issue you selected, you can then add more specific information by choosing an item from the Select issue details dropdown.
And regardless of the issue, the user can always provide additional details under the "Describe the issue" section of the tool.

There is also a section where the user can choose if he or she saw a notification about poor quality.
Usually when users have a bad connection ( wireless for example ) the Lync client shows a message.

The best options are saved for last, you can even include a sample voice recording of your latest call and include a scheenshot of your desktop.

The sample voice recording option saves 30 seconds of audio from the last call.
A thing to keep in mind is that is only captures your audio, and not anyone elses audio.
This can be handy when someone else in the call noticed you had a robotic like voice or some glitches in your audio.

The screenshot is also a great option, this allow admins to see if there were any warnings generated by the lync client.
It can also show if the user is running other programs that might interfere with the Lync client.

All the gathered information is stored in the %userprofile%\tracing folder.
You will find a file here starting with "medialog". This is an auto generated CAB file which contains all the information gathered by the collect logs tool.

Enought talking about how it works, how can you enable it?
The logs button is actually part of the client policy.
By adding a new policy entry in the client policy, the collect logs button shows up after logging in to the client.

Just run these powershell commands on your Lync server:

$x = New-CsClientPolicyEntry -Name EnableDiagnosticsLogsCollection -Value 1
( This adds the new client policyentry to memory )
Set-CsClientPolicy –Identity global –PolicyEntry @{Add=$x}
( This actually sets the client policy with the data from memory )

Confirm the policy entry by running the following command:
Get-CsClientPolicy -identity "global"

Output should look like this:
PS C:\Users\adm_tiel> Get-CsClientPolicy -identity global

Identity                               : Global
PolicyEntry                            : {Name=EnableDiagnosticsLogsCollection;                                    Value=1}

Make sure the policy entry is shown, if not then check your commands.
I you log off your Lync client and log on again, the Collect Logs button should be added to the client.

If the collect logs button is made available to you, Always collect the logs when reporting an issue to you administrator. This can save the admin a lot of time!
Good Luck! 

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