zaterdag 31 maart 2012

Lync Online Dial-in conferencing updates for Office 365

In one of my previous blogposts I mentioned updates to Lync online..
The Presence privacy mode and Mobile phone notification were new at the time.

Now, there are some new features within Lync online.
The changes are within the Lync Online user settings.
Before, you only had the ability to set file transer and audio / video options.
You could also enable federation and  public IM.

PrtScr capture 

Now, we have some new features!

Edit user settings - Windows Internet Explorer provided by Wortell

Within the options, you now have the ability to enable call recordings, a nice new feature!.
Completely new is the Dial-in conferencing tab.
The decription already reveils what the settings do, so I do not need to explain any further.
How to configure Dial-In conferencing settings can be found in the online help.

There also have been some updates to the user filtering and search user interface.
I do not remember filtering options within the Lync Online Control Panel at all. Maybe I did not noticed, but the Dial-in conferencing filter is definitely new.

Lync Online Control Panel - Windows Internet Explorer provided by Wortell

You now have the ability to set filter criteria for the enabled settings of the user. Very handy!

Lync Online updates for Office 365 - Windows Live Writer

Also new is the ability to export users lists and import user configuration files.
The export is very handy if there are too many users to manually update the Dial-in conferencing settings / numbers for the users. The export process exports user settings to an XML file. This will be downloaded from your browser.
The XML can then be forwarded to the department that has al the dial-in number information.

Once the XML is up to date with the latest dial-in information ( Dial-in number, conference code and personal identification number ) for the users, the import user configuration file option can be chosen. After the import these users are able to schedule audio conference calls integrated with Lync Online meetings.

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