vrijdag 2 maart 2012

The new and improved Windows Explorer in Windows 8!

There have been some major improvements in the new Windows 8, one of them is the ribbon in Windows Explorer.
I will explain some ribbon features below.

When opening Windows Exporer you will not notice a difference immediately, until you click the arrow in the upper right corner. At that point, the ribbon folds out.

In the below screen, "My conputer" is selected.
The ribbon directly shows the available options to choose from, very handy!

The "view" tab allows you to set the viewing options for the folders and files.

You probably noticed the purple tab where "Disk Tools" is shown.
In the navigation pane the C drive is selected and therefore the options for that drive are shown.
It allows you to directly choose from the most common options that normally were hidden in several context menu's.

This highlighted tab changed according to the folder or file that is chosen in the navigation pane.
If I select a picture for example, a different tab is highlighted with a different color with different options.

For folders it is a little bit different.
With folders a new tab with the name "Share" shows up, but not highligted.
It lets you share folders instantly.

Pretty cool!
If you only use the most common options for files and folders, you probably do not have to right click anymore. Definitely an improvement!

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