dinsdag 24 april 2012

Test your Office 365 DNS configuration

Recently I came accross a nice tool where you can test your Office 365 DNS configuration.

The tool is built by Paradyne and powered by Xstran.
When entering your domain name, it searches for Exchange and Lync records in DNS.
Because most of the issues in with Office 365 have to do with DNS, this is a great tool!
Not all records are mandatory, keep this in mind. Some records have certain functionality.
Notice the checkboxes for Exchange and Lync, if you don’t use Lync, don’t select the checkbox!

The tool can be found at http://www.testmyoffice365.com/ 


In our case, we only use Exchange Online and Lync onprem.
When testing our domain name, it shows my Exchange records are set-up correctly.


If something is set-up incorrectly, the tool shows that somethings is wrong.
For example, a customer where records are missing.


It shows there are no records found for Federation or SIP.
If the customer has issues with Federation, we now know why.
A great tool that can help in many implementations / migrations!

What it does not show are the MX and SPF records. Maybe this will be addes in future releases.
Examples of MX and SPF records are shown in the DNS settings within the portal mentioned below.

The required DNS records for your domain can also be found on the Office 365 portal.
On the admin portal, click on Domains in the left column under Management.
Select your domain name and click “View DNS settings”.


Onlinehelp Lync DNS records :

Source : http://thecloudmouth.com/2012/04/23/testing-your-office-365-dns-configuration/

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