woensdag 18 juli 2012

Office 365 preview, quick overview of new layout

Yesterday Microsoft revealed all new products for 2013, Lync, Exchange, Sharepoint, Office and Office 365.
In this post I will do a quick overview of the new Office 365 layout.
When you log on to Office 365 preview portal, it is all different.
Microsoft gave office 365 the full Metro treatment.
I will go through all of the left menu’s and show you how this looks and what has changed


The Office 365 dashboard is improved and health status and maintenance are shown in the front page. The green bars show all services as healthy.
The lay-out has changed as well, admin shortcuts have moved to the right upper corner, and the admin tools have moved to a menu in the top “ribbon”. Menu items have been consolidated to get a more “clean” menu.


Ribbon / Office 365 Preview settings
The ribbon is still there, improved a bit.
From here you can go to Outlook Web App, your calendar, your contacts, the Sharepoint Newsfeed, Skydrive ( shortcut to SkyDrive ) , Sites ( shortcut to Mysite ), Projects ( Assigned projects), Office store ( buy or download Office add-ins like Linkedin for Outlook etc ), Admin ( Admin centers ).


There is also a little settings icon, from here you can update your personal profile, download Software or get help setting up your Outlook profile or Phone.

The setup menu allows you to choose between basic setup and custom setup.
Basic setup is the “cloud only” setup, where in the custom setup you will be redirected to documentation on how to setup “Hybrid deployments”.


Users and Groups
Not much has changed here, besides the fact that users and groups have been consolidated.
The filter options are still the same, as well as batch import of users using a CSV.


This is still the same, lay-out has been changed but that’s about it.

Service settings
Now this is new. All of the settings for Lync, Exchange, Sharepoint from one console.
In the below screenshot, mail is selected, from where you can jump to all of the commonly used settings for Exchange / antispam etc. No more need to login to the FOPE console to do your Anti - SPAM settings. A major improvement in comparison with the current Office 365 tools. This is some sort of quick reference chart to common settings, to get to the detailed settings for the services you need to open the admin centers for the service you want to configure.

Service Health

Still the same as the current “service healt”, although it looks a lot better!

Some links have changed, others removed but in general this page is still the same.


Admin Tools
I know you were wondering, where are links to the admin tools that used to be on the Admin Overview?
Well, they have been put into a little menu in the upper right corner.

From here, you can go to all of the admin pages for the different product included in Office 365.
This is just a sneak peak in the new Office 365 preview, I will go into the Exchange and Lync admin pages later and explain what’s new and show screens of how it looks.
OWA also had major improvements and is almost a web based clone of Outlook 2013.

Hope you enjoyed!

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