woensdag 29 augustus 2012

Configure Filtering for Office 365 Directory Synchronization ( Dirsync )

In one of my earlier posts I mentioned creating connection filters within Dirsync.
Now, Microsoft created a Wiki page where the different filtering options are mentioned and are now supported.

There are three different types of filtering you can do within Dirsync:

Organizational-unit (OU)–based: You can use this filtering type to manage the properties of the SourceAD Management Agent in the Directory Synchronization tool. This filtering type enables you to select which OUs are allowed to synchronize to the cloud

Domain-based: You can use this filtering type to manage the properties of the SourceAD Management Agent in the directory synchronization tool. This type enables you to select which domains are allowed to synchronize to the cloud

User-attribute–based: You can use this filtering method to specify attribute-based filters for user objects. This enables you to control which objects should not be synchronized to the cloud.”

In one of my earlier posts I explained the user-attribute-based filtering.

In the next couple of weeks I will describe how to setup organizational-unit-based filtering.
This requires a service account with “enterprise admin” permissions to scan your AD OU’s.

Office 365 Dirsync filtering Wiki : http://community.office365.com/en-us/wikis/sso/configure-filtering-for-directory-synchronization.aspx

woensdag 8 augustus 2012

July service updates for Office 365

Microsoft keeps updating Office 365 and with the july updates there are a couple of nice new features!

User Soft Delete Functionality
Office 365 administrators now have the ability to recover deleted users from a simple list within 30 days after deletion. This is significant, because it means that scenarios such as the accidental deletion of a user or the re-hiring of an employee can be easily handled by your Office 365 administrator.

Additional Information:
To learn more, please read the community blog
For details on how to delete or restore users with a Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprises account, please read the article Delete or Restore Users

User Name Sync-to-SharePoint Online Improvement*
You may have seen extra characters showing before your name where it appears on various SharePoint Online sites (My Site, Team Sites, company portal, etc.); it often looks like this: i:0#f|membership. This user name sync improvement increases the likelihood of when a user's name will appear without extra characters.

*This update will roll out to customers over time. We expect that all customers will receive the update by the end of August 2012

Lync-to-phone users can make and receive phone calls to any number from their laptop or smart phone via a calling service which is purchased separately from a qualified partner. Jajah, a subsidiary of Telefonica, is the first available partner. More than just phone calls, Lync-to-phone provides a ‘single work number’ experience across the laptop, smartphone and tablet (via Lync clients on these devices). With Lync-to-phone, calls become an integrated component of a unified communication experience alongside instant message, presence, video calling and web conferencing.
*This update will initially be available to our US and UK customers only.

Additional Information:
To learn more, read the Help article Connect Lync Online to the telephone network
See here for a list of fully supported Lync-optimized PC peripherals like speakerphones or headsets

Source : http://community.office365.com/en-us/wikis/office_365_service_updates/974.aspx