woensdag 8 augustus 2012

July service updates for Office 365

Microsoft keeps updating Office 365 and with the july updates there are a couple of nice new features!

User Soft Delete Functionality
Office 365 administrators now have the ability to recover deleted users from a simple list within 30 days after deletion. This is significant, because it means that scenarios such as the accidental deletion of a user or the re-hiring of an employee can be easily handled by your Office 365 administrator.

Additional Information:
To learn more, please read the community blog
For details on how to delete or restore users with a Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprises account, please read the article Delete or Restore Users

User Name Sync-to-SharePoint Online Improvement*
You may have seen extra characters showing before your name where it appears on various SharePoint Online sites (My Site, Team Sites, company portal, etc.); it often looks like this: i:0#f|membership. This user name sync improvement increases the likelihood of when a user's name will appear without extra characters.

*This update will roll out to customers over time. We expect that all customers will receive the update by the end of August 2012

Lync-to-phone users can make and receive phone calls to any number from their laptop or smart phone via a calling service which is purchased separately from a qualified partner. Jajah, a subsidiary of Telefonica, is the first available partner. More than just phone calls, Lync-to-phone provides a ‘single work number’ experience across the laptop, smartphone and tablet (via Lync clients on these devices). With Lync-to-phone, calls become an integrated component of a unified communication experience alongside instant message, presence, video calling and web conferencing.
*This update will initially be available to our US and UK customers only.

Additional Information:
To learn more, read the Help article Connect Lync Online to the telephone network
See here for a list of fully supported Lync-optimized PC peripherals like speakerphones or headsets

Source : http://community.office365.com/en-us/wikis/office_365_service_updates/974.aspx

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