vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

SSL and SQL , Service does not start EventID 26014

Recently, I re-installed one of our SQL cluster nodes.
After the migration I re-installed the SQL instance for ConfigMgr on that node.

When testing failover, I noticed the SQL server service would not start and failed back or remained in failed state.
When I looked in the logs I found eventid 26014.

Untitled - Notepad

I checked if the certificate was available, and it was.
The certificate was in the correct store ( local computer / personal ) and had the correct cert hash.

When looking further at the private keys I noticed the service account did not have permissions on the failing node.

Wortell - visionapp Remote Desktop 2009_2

After adding the permissions for the service account the SQL service runs on, the instance started instantly without errors.

Wortell - visionapp Remote Desktop 2009_3

Took me a while to get there…. hope this helps someone else Glimlach

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