donderdag 25 oktober 2012

Updated October service updates for Offfice 365

Microsoft released some updated service updates for October.
Below a quote from the Office 365 Service update Wiki.

Personaly i’m very interested in the Dirsync scoping. I know it is possible with some editing of the management agents within Dirsync ( FIM ), and it is actually supported by Microsoft now.
In one of my previous posts i already mentioned the filtering options within Dirsync.

I’m wondering if the below article is refering to the existing options now being supported, or a new version of Dirsync is being released where you can choose the filtering options from the setup of something simular.

Will be looking in to this when more information is available.

Dirsync Scoping and Filtering

This feature gives the ability for customers to scope what objects are synchronized from the activity directory to Office 365. The filtering options available are Organization-unit-based, domain-based, and user-attribute-based.

Interop with Third-Party Identity Solutions

Microsoft has a structured program in place to enable customers using qualified 3rd party identity solutions (STSs) in their IT infrastructure to adopt Office 365 and set up federation. Through this program we have tested federation with Office 365 using STSs such as Ping, Optimal IDM etc. The protocol used for federation is WS* (WS-Federation and WS-Trust). The scenarios that are tested (such as active, passive etc.) and found to be working are documented in TechNet. These partner solutions are also available in Office 365 Marketplace.

Admin Ability to Set Password Expiration and Notification Policy

Admins in our E and A offers are being provided the ability to set password expiration and notification policies for their users. Notifications can be set anywhere between 0 and 30 days before a password actually expires. These changes can be performed in the admin user interface.

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